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Adding particles to our prefab
Our prefab only needs two items for it to actually be called prefab, but it looks a bit plain
at the moment. Let's spice things up a bit by adding some subtle particle effects to it.
Getting ready
We only need to open up the prefab we just made, as we'll be building off of that.
How to do it...
This will be an easy recipe; we're only going to drag-and-drop a particle effect onto our prefab,
and combine the results. It's easy to create or edit particles on your own, but that isn't covered
in the scope of this topic. The content browser is where we'll begin most of our recipes in this
chapter, as it offers easy access to all of our in-game assets. Let's begin by opening that.
Back in the Content Browser tab, under particles, select P_WaterSplash_02
and drag it into the scene.
You'll have to be careful when using particles, as they are costly in terms
of computing overhead and can quickly bog down your system if too many
are on screen at once.
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