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The Link Gun won't appear in your Actors tab, until you actually fire
it and hit refresh to load everything that may have occurred since the
map's initialization. That's why we're having you perform these actions.
Scroll down to the UTWeap_LinkGun folder, open up the folder, and double-click
on UTWeap_LinkGun_# . An in-game editor window should now appear.
# can be any number, but is generally 0 . If there are pawns that spawn
into your scene, then the window may not appear immediately as that
gun may be assigned to one of them. Continue to select the different
UTWeap_LinkGun until the window appears for you.
8. Scroll down to the Display tab in this new editor and take a look at the properties
here. This is where you'll be able to adjust the appearance of the gun from your
perspective. Feel free to play with various properties and see what they do.
9. Checking the Hidden checkbox will hide your weapon from view.
10. Click on the Display Scale 3D tab to bring down the X, Y, Z values for where your
weapon is drawn in 3D space.
Want to see what your weapon would look like if you were left handed?
We know that 0 is the center of the screen, so we'll need to negate the
value to move it to the left-hand side. Change the value in the Y scale to
a negative number to do this.
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