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UDK already provides a way for developers to alter properties at runtime through a feature
called Remote Control. This allows you to make alterations to which statistics are being
captured, alterations to graphics settings, as well as to scrutinize and edit actors in a scene.
A plethora of console commands that allow you to edit most instantiated objects, archetypes,
or actors at runtime are also at your fingertips.
When tweaking the values of a particular object within your game, for example, a pawn,
the Remote Control can prove invaluable. Rather than going through the arduous process
of changing code within the IDE, compiling scripts, then launching the game, you can make
these small adjustments within Remote Control while the game is running. This is perfect
for those moments when you want to quickly iterate and lock down the values that make a
character feel just right, for example, a particular running speed, or jumping height. Once
you've found the value you're looking for, you can always go back into the UnrealScript code
and permanently make those changes.
Getting ready
To launch the game with Remote Control enabled, you'll need to edit your UDK launch batch
file by adding -remotecontrol as an argument to the end of your UDK.exe file, just as we
did for the ribbonless version of Unreal X-Editor.
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