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There are a number of visual customizations that you can make to the editor as well,
from fonts and backgrounds to panel layout. Find one that suits you best!
In addition to the visual configuration, the Unreal Frontend is available from within the Unreal
X-Editor, which allows you to compile scripts, cook a level, and package a game, all from Epic's
supplied interface.
Editing runtime values with Remote Control
As an UnrealScript programmer, one of your main tasks is often to assist level designers and
artists by creating tools to streamline their work. While UDK comes with a robust system for
adding and editing content in game, sometimes you just want to create a weapon or item to
be used in game and only expose certain properties to the level creators.
We'll use a weapon as an example. Not every property is applicable to what a level designer
may want or need, therefore we'll hide some of those from the designer's editor to provide
a clean interface for them to work with and serve as a means to streamline their weapon
creation process through the use of prefabs, which we'll touch more on later. First we'll
need to understand how UDK natively allows us to do this.
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