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Often weapons have multiple sockets (that is, rocket launchers,
double-barreled shotguns), so that's why this option is there.
The final step of the process is to create the damage class, which covers a few properties
you may not be familiar with, so let's walk through some of them:
F GibPeterbation is a Boolean, and means that when it is active the chunks will fly
off in random directions
F Bullet Hit? notifies the target that it was hit by a bullet
F Complain Friendly Fire? determines whether teammates should complain about
friendly fire with this damage type
F Vehicle Damage Scaling determines whether or not a weapon should do more
damage to be in proportion with increased health and armor of a vehicle, as
opposed to just firing at a pawn
F Damage Impulse determines the size of impulse to apply when doing radial damage
Once that's all finished, you have the option of opening all of your newly created classes to
explore your creation. Take a look and see how they compare to the default weapons created
in UDK and how they are assembled!
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