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Afterwards, you'll be greeted with another screen for constructing your attachment class,
which extends UTWeaponAttachment . This class determines how the weapon connects
with your pawn when in a third person perspective.
The preceding screenshot shows the wizard for your ammunition. This is the easiest class
to create, as it only requires a mesh, default starting count, and sound effect for when it is
picked up. It extends UTAmmoPickupFactory , which we'll touch on more in a later tutorial.
The definitions of some of these properties can be a bit confusing, so I'll clarify these in
the following list:
F Make Splash: This displays a splash effect for the player when the projectile hits water.
F 3P Mesh: This is the skeletal mesh for this socket. Generally left empty.
F Muzzle Flash Socket: This determines where the flash will occur in relation to the
weapon when it is fired.
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