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Getting ready
Head over to to download the latest version
of Unreal X-Editor. Setting up the IDE is pretty straightforward as well, so no explanation is
needed here.
Once you have it installed, scroll over to the Workspace Page tab, then left-click on the
Settings button. A pop up should appear on screen, allowing you to customize your settings.
We're looking to set your UDK installation directory, so click on that and browse to the folder
where you placed UDK.
Unreal X-Editor will then have access to all of the content in that folder, including the UDK
executable and any folders containing the .ini files, the UnrealScript source code, and
your new folders.
That's it! This is by far the easiest tool to get up and running.
How to do it…
Unreal X-Editor offers a number of customization options, including additional skins, various
font colors, and the ability to work without the GUI ribbon, thereby offering an interface more
akin to our Visual Studio alternatives.
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