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The order in which the packages are loaded into UDK are directly related
to the order in which they appear in this .ini file. If your package relies
on any of the UTGame or UTGameContent scripts (and if you extend from
anything within UDK, then your package certainly does), then your package
must be loaded after those scripts.
How it works…
That's all there is to it. Another reason I prefer Unreal Script IDE and even the forthcoming
Unreal X-Editor is because all of this work is done for you during the initial installation,
because you pointed the install towards your UDK directory.
There's more…
Extensions also work with nFringe, so most of the ones you already have installed should
seamlessly integrate with your new UDK project.
Unreal X-Editor
A strong contender for the most intuitive IDE is the Unreal X-Editor. While the editor has come
a long way since its initial release, it's still in its infancy, as the tool is less than one year old at
the time of this writing.
Unreal X-Editor offers a number of features that makes it stand out, including the following:
F Class Tree Viewer
F Autocomplete
F Code Folding
F C# Style Commenting
F Syntax Highlighting
F Basic Preset Scripts
F Run UDK Editor / UDK Game
F Compile/Full Compile Scripts
F Various Skins to change the Look And Feel
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