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Getting ready
Head over to to grab a copy of this free open source tool.
You won't need your own copy of Visual Studio either, as this runs in an isolated shell. Bear in
mind, you must have UDK installed before installing the IDE.
How to do it…
When installing the IDE, it's important to remember to select the UDK Win32 binaries
folder correctly. Additionally, the source folder must be listed as C:\UDK\UDK-Date\
Development\Src\ ; otherwise your project will appear empty when you open the solution.
This is the default installation path. Yours may be different.
From there, your Unreal Script IDE should be populated with your current project, and update
itself automatically as you make changes.
There's more…
Even better, the Unreal Script IDE allows you to continue to use extensions! Head to , to find the ones which
work best for you. Afterwards, extract the content into the Extensions folder found at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mr O. Duzhar\Unreal Script IDE (UDKDevKit)
VS 2010 Isolated Shell\ .
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