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Unreal Script IDE
The Unreal Script IDE is a professional development framework, utilizing the Visual Studio
shell. If you're a .NET developer, then you should feel right at home with this IDE. It will be our
tool of choice for this topic for a number of reasons, but most notably for a few of the features
which aren't found in any other development environment, such as the following:
F Debugging
F Conditional Breakpoints
F Go To Declaration
F IntelliSense
F Find All References
There are many other reasons I prefer this environment over the others, but those are just
some of the highlights. IntelliSense in particular is extremely useful, as it auto completes
your code as you write. Furthermore, it makes for easy disambiguation for functions, methods,
and variables. Find All References is also notable, as it locates any instance of a particular
variable or function within UDK, and shows you where and how it's used. This is outstanding
for learning the source material.
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