Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
There are a number of other great resources to find additional content and help for UDK
and UnrealScript. These include:
F Epic's UnrealScript forum at
F Eat 3D's UnrealScript reference at
F Epic's UDK Gems at
Dungeon Defenders to save the day
Epic isn't the only team to offer a plethora of knowledge at your fingertips. Trendy
Entertainment, the development studio behind Dungeon Defenders, was also kind
enough to release much of their source code and development kit, in what is known
as Dungeon Defenders Development Kit (DDDK). Similar to UnCodeX, this source code
allows you to have a far greater understanding of how an entire game is pieced together.
Getting ready
The DDDK can be found by downloading and installing the Steam client at http://store. . Once installed, click on View, which is at the top of your
screen, then select Tools. The DDDK is actually a piece of DLC, and can be found here.
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