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In-Depth Information
It can be a bit overwhelming at first, especially when you see precisely how many classes are
there. Most of what is there you will never use, but it still makes for an incredible reference.
It's not what you know, but more importantly it's about knowing where to find what you're
looking for.
To the right of the class tree you'll see the class browser. Double-click on one of the classes
from the class tree to view its contents to the right. Other classes will be underlined and
colored blue, just like when you create a URL in a web browser or word document.
Hovering the mouse cursor over any of the underlined text in the class browser will draw
a pop up on the screen, which illustrates the location on your hard drive where you can find
that class. This is a great way to help visualize how UDK's classes are interconnected and
assist you in understanding how to best utilize them to create your own.
There's more...
UnCodeX is an essential part of any UnrealScript programmer's tool belt. It can not only help
you understand what is currently running under the hood, but also help you understand the
best practices for extending from its base classes to create your own.
As a rule of thumb, you don't need to know the base code inside out, but it's essential that
you at least have an understanding of the work Epic has laid at your fingertips. This includes
the functions such as Tick , PostBeginStart.PostBeginPlayt , and the default
properties block.
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