Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Miscellaneous Recipes
In this chapter, we will be covering the following recipes:
F Creating an army of companions
F Having enemies flash quickly as their health decreases
F Creating a crosshair that uses our weapon's trace
F Changing the crosshair color when aiming at a pawn
F Drawing a debug screen
F Drawing a bounding box around pawns
In the previous chapters, we've covered topics that ranged from weapons and navigation, to
a heads-up display and AI. In this chapter, our recipes are going to cover things that may not
necessarily fit in one particular chapter, but are still very valuable in a number of applications.
We'll go over a new scheme for aiming our weapons and drawing a crosshair, as well as
allowing our pawn to flash continuously as its health depreciates, among other things.
Creating an army of companions
Going through a game alone is seldom any fun. We're social creatures so we enjoy the
company of others. What better way to celebrate this than by creating a group of companions
to follow us along on our journey? In this chapter, we'll explore how to create a small party of
companions who spawn at our location and reap the rewards of our adventure!
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