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With all of our drawing functions for the bar in place, we need a way to align
it on screen.
* Returns corrected HUD position based on current res.
* @Param Position Default position based on 1024x768 res
* @Param Width Width of image based on 1024x768
* @Param Height Height of image based on 1024x768
* @returns FinalPOS
function Vector2D CorrectedHudPOS(vector2D Position, float Width,
float Height)
local vector2D FinalPos;
FinalPos.X = (Position.X < 0) ? Canvas.ClipX -
(Position.X * ResScaleY) - (Width * ResScaleY) :
Position.X * ResScaleY;
FinalPos.Y = (Position.Y < 0) ? Canvas.ClipY -
(Position.Y * ResScaleY) - (Height * ResScaleY) :
Position.Y * ResScaleY;
return FinalPos;
CorrectedHudPOS() verifies that our HUD looks the same regardless of resolution.
Now that UDK is supported on a number of mobile devices, this is more necessary than
ever. Console developers generally only have a handful of resolutions to contend with,
while iOS and Android developers now add a whole new set of problems into the mix.
This function scales the location of our HUD based on the resolution and handles
that sticky math for us.
With our functions out of the way, the only thing left to do in this class is to add the
default properties.
// Texture for HP bar
/** Hit Points */
/** Corner Position of bar. + / - to X / Y changes which
corner it is in */
// Coords for the HP bar
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