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LastValidTargetTime = 0;
PendingLockedTarget = None;
LastLockedOnTime = 0;
PendingLockedTargetTime = 0;
13. With all of that out of the way, we can finally work on firing our projectile, or in our
case, our missile. ProjectileFile() tells our missile to go after our currently
locked target, by setting the SeekTarget variable to our currently locked target.
* If locked on, we need to set the Seeking projectile's
* LockedTarget.
simulated function Projectile ProjectileFire()
local Projectile SpawnedProjectile;
SpawnedProjectile = super.ProjectileFire();
if (bLockedOnTarget &&
UTProj_SeekingRocket(SpawnedProjectile) != None)
/** Go after the target we are currently locked
onto */
UTProj_SeekingRocket(SpawnedProjectile).SeekTarget =
return SpawnedProjectile;
14. Really though, our projectile could be anything at this point. We need to tell our
weapon to actually use our missile (or rocket, they are used interchangeably) which
we will define in our defaultproperties block.
* We override GetProjectileClass to swap in a Seeking Rocket if we
* locked on.
function class<Projectile> GetProjectileClass()
// if we're locked on...
if (bLockedOnTarget)
// use our homing rocket
return SeekingRocketClass;
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