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If our weapon is destroyed or we are destroyed, then we want to prevent the
weapon from continuing to lock onto a target.
* If the weapon is destroyed, cancel any target lock
simulated event Destroyed()
// Used to adjust the LockTarget.
//Calls the previously defined Destroyed function
Our next chunk of code is pretty large, but don't let it intimidate you. Take your time
and read it through to have a thorough understanding of what is occurring. When it
all boils down, the CheckTargetLock() function verifies that we've actually locked
onto our target.
We start by checking that we have a pawn, a player controller, and that we are
using a weapon which can lock onto a target. We then check if we can lock onto
the target, and if it is possible, we do it. At the moment we only have the ability
to lock onto pawns.
* Have we locked onto our target?
function CheckTargetLock()
local Actor BestTarget, HitActor, TA;
local UDKBot BotController;
local vector StartTrace, EndTrace, Aim, HitLocation,
local rotator AimRot;
local float BestAim, BestDist;
if((Instigator == None)||(Instigator.Controller ==
None)||(self != Instigator.Weapon) )
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