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We need to have a default state for our weapon to begin with, so we mark it
as inactive.
* Default state. Go back to prev state, and don't use our
* current tick
auto simulated state Inactive
ignores Tick;
simulated function BeginState(name PreviousStateName)
// not looking to lock onto a target
bTargetLockingActive = false;
// Don't adjust our target lock
We ignore the tick which tells the weapon to stop updating any of its homing
functions. Additionally, we tell it not to look for an active target or adjust its
current target, if we did have one at the moment.
5. While on the topic of states, if we finish our current one, then it's time to move
onto the next:
* Finish current state, & prepare for the next one
simulated function EndState(Name NextStateName)
// If true, weapon will try to lock onto targets
bTargetLockingActive = true;
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