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/** How far out should we be considering actors for a lock */
var float LockRange;
/** How long does the player need to target an actor to lock on to
var(Locking) float LockAcquireTime;
/** Once locked, how long can the player go without painting the
object before they lose the lock */
var(Locking) float LockTolerance;
/** When true, this weapon is locked on target */
var bool bLockedOnTarget;
/** What "target" is this weapon locked on to */
var Actor LockedTarget;
var PlayerReplicationInfo LockedTargetPRI;
/** What "target" is current pending to be locked on to */
var Actor PendingLockedTarget;
/** How long since the Lock Target has been valid */
var float LastLockedOnTime;
/** When did the pending Target become valid */
var float PendingLockedTargetTime;
/** When was the last time we had a valid target */
var float LastValidTargetTime;
/** angle for locking for lock targets */
var float LockAim;
/** angle for locking for lock targets when on Console */
var float ConsoleLockAim;
/** Sound Effects to play when Locking */
var SoundCue LockAcquiredSound;
var SoundCue LockLostSound;
/** If true, weapon will try to lock onto targets */
var bool bTargetLockingActive;
/** Last time target lock was checked */
var float LastTargetLockCheckTime;
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