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If we switch to a perspective view, we can see that the height of our NavMeshes doesn't
extend very far. This could potentially be an issue if we ever use a pawn that is taller
than the NavMesh. Not to worry though, as we're going to correct this in our recipe!
You can find my version of this map with the included materials
under the name Ch5_NavMesh2 .
How it works...
While NavMeshes don't offer the precise control that PathNodes do, they do decrease the
memory footprint, and allow for more natural movements.
We lay NavMeshes on a map in the same manner as we do with PathNodes: by dragging them
onto the map from the Actor Browser. Rebuilding paths allows the mesh to create a network,
so that the pawn doesn't have to calculate it at runtime and can easily avoid obstacles.
Adding a scout to create NavMesh
The height for a NavMesh is actually not found in the properties for the NavMesh itself, oddly
enough. Unreal relies on a Scout class to determine this. The Scout class is designed to be
a basic pawn with enough logic just to navigate around your map and see if it can get from
one node to another, and therefore generating pathfinding information.
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