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4. When we're finished laying PathNodes, we can rebuild our map. Because we have
new BSP, we'll need to rebuild geometry, lighting, and PathNodes. Left-click on the
Build All button at the top of the editor.
With everything rebuilt, you should now see a series of connected PathNodes,
marked by the white lines between them. The editor may give you a warning stating
that we haven't built the map with production lighting. Because this isn't a finished
map, that's fine, as we're simply trying to speed up the rebuilding process by using
preview lighting.
If you don't see the lines, hit P on your keyboard to allow the editor
to draw paths.
You should now have a map that looks like the following:
With that complete, we can move on to creating a map with our alternative navigation method,
NavMeshes! You can view my copy of the map at any time, as it is included with this topic and
titled Ch5_PathNodes2 .
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