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With our archetypes created we can now drag-and-drop them into the map and use
them from there.
Included with the chapter are all of the archetypes, scripts, and a map
with all of these objects placed in them. Feel free to peruse through the
map if you are confused at any point.
Drag-and-drop your two new classes into the map, then press the PIE button to
spawn your character into the map.
Hop into the scorpion, then exit it, and shoot it for a bit to damage it.
Hop back into the scorpion, and drive over the health pickup. Notice how your
health is suddenly increased by 20 points.
If you're using the Scaleform version of the HUD, you'll immediately notice
here that the damage applied to the vehicle doesn't display correctly on the
HUD. For some reason your health percentage will remain at 100, but your
ammo will drop as you take damage. At least it is displayed that way.
The reason you need to hop into your scorpion for the first time seems silly
as well, but it's necessary as the vehicles are invulnerable to damage until a
pawn enters it for the first time!
With that in place, we've completed our first pickup for our vehicles!
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