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Again, this is identical to our pawn's health pickup, except that we'll change the
mesh for the pickup, so that it stands out from the pawn's health. I've swapped out
the shock rifle ammo's static mesh (which was serving as a placeholder) with the
medium health pickup static mesh, as seen in the following line:
We've got our vehicle class, vehicle content class, and health pickup scripts all
written, but now we need to get the vehicle and pickup within the UDK editor. As
we've been doing with all of our other classes in this topic, we'll be using archetypes.
Open up the UDK editor and scroll over to your Actor Classes browser. Create an
archetype for your vehicle (NOT the content class) and another archetype for your
health pickup. For the vehicle enter the following information:
Package: TutorialPackage
Grouping: Archetypes
Name: Arc_Tut_Vehicle_HealthPickup
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