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With that done we now have a pickup that we can drag-and-drop into an editor.
Drag your archetype onto the screen and it should appear like the following image:
We've created our first pickup!
How it works...
By extending from a parent class, which offered a considerable amount of base functionality
to build from, we were able to easily add our own properties to make a working pickup.
Rather than create our own assets, we chose to use those already packed in with UDK.
We aren't limited to just using static meshes that other pickups use, however. Nothing
is stopping us from shrinking a truck down and using it as an RC sized pickup to represent
a larger vehicle.
We want to use the class we wrote in the UDK editor, so we've created an archetype for it,
which references the Tut_AmmoPickup class.
Creating a base for our pickup to spawn
Now that we have our first pickup created, we'll want to really customize it to suit our
purposes. Our pickup seems kind of boring if it is just floating by itself. Arena style shooters
generally have a row of four or five small health or ammo packs adjacent to one another,
but what if we want to make our pickup seem more important, at least visually?
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