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Have a go hero - different actions
Now that you know that each object can have its properies and can change the value, you
can test the physics involved by not to applying the same values for all of the rocks. For
example, a bigger rock reacts differently from the one that is not so big.
If you dare, you could include an obstrucion, which does not afect all of the objects in
the middle of the fall, and reacts differently for each object. Finally, just to see the results
for yourself, try rolling many icebergs to the end of the cliff and into the water. The diving
simulaion achieved is spectacular!
Creating looped actions
In the previous example, we talked about the fall of objects, but we did not menion anything
about where they fall. So, let us turn our atenion to creaing water, since all of these icebergs
through which our whale is loaing, are in the water. Let's see how to simulate this efect.
Time for action - making waves
There are many ways to create water. The movement of fluids is not recommended to
generate waves. Therefore, let's turn to texture movement, as it makes it appear as if the
water moves. With the BGE, we can use several different techniques, depending on the final
texture mode. In this case, it only works with GLSL.
Make a plane by going to Menu | Add | Mesh | Plane . Scale it as you like, and apply
a cloud texture twice, as water1 and water2 , as follows:
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