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The radius (marked with a circle of dots) of influence in Atributes is 0.3
in this case. You must change it to it your version of the scaled iceberg!
4. Press P to see the result. If you don't like it, change Velocity to Maximum, and try
it again. Changing values a litle bit changes the results of a simulaion, a lot. In the
following image, the rocks are moving down:
What just happened?
We have seen that the simulaion of gravity has its efect on the game. First, and most
important, is to find the physical values determined for each object.
Remember the steps we have followed:
1. We have applied the type of object (several small icebergs) in Dynamic.
2. We have acivated the opion Actor as the player of the acion.
3. We have remarked that a sphere must be set as the collision type in the
collision bounds.
4. We have modiied the values of the radius of acion.
5. We have changed the speed of each object.
Most importantly, although we have not menioned it before, there will be physical
consequences of small icebergs sliding down a slope. Always keep in mind the surface
and its inclinaion. Any modiicaion has great efects on the physical state of objects.
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