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Have a go hero - the more, the better
Come on, don't tell me you have not seen the number of opions available to the Acion
actuator. They are incredible. Ping-pong and loops may seem like a wonder to you. Try it
with this exercise, it may suit you best for what you need.
Finally, we stopped to comment that fortunately the sensor is near the Invert funcion.
Why not go further and try placing another iceberg to acivate the access door? Perhaps,
with a limiter clock run to make it more interesing with a ime limit. Good luck!
Real-time motion
An object in a ramp could be afected by physics, and it must have gravitaional acceleraion.
Each object that is an actor has mass and size variability. In conjuncion with the frame rate,
Blender uses this info to calculate how fast the object should accelerate downward in
the game.
Time for action - rolling objects
Let's test what would happen if we met with a detachment of ice. The pieces would roll into
the water and dive deep into the ocean. Reflected in this sentence, there are too many laws
of physics. We will split the iceberg and will be left with only the pieces of iceberg rolling
down a slope. Let's see how the game engine calculates this movement.
1. Select an iceberg, choose Object , and duplicate the link six imes to create other
objects. Scale and rotate them, as shown in the following screenshot:
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