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The easiest feature for a response to a collision outside the game is to reload the game.
Try the Game Actuator logic brick. This is really intuiive handling.
For good pracice with these types of collisions, we suggest you try to "knock out" the
character for a moment to return to the game in a few seconds. Maybe a couple of spins
on the same axis could be a clue.
Creating trap doors
I believe there is no plaform game where we will not, sooner or later, open an access door
or other place, by opening what iniially could not be accessed. The simple idea of this new
exercise is to show how areas seemingly cannot be accessed by the character (iniially), and
how we can create a new access path through openings or doors that were previously closed.
Time for action - moving the blocks of ice
I do not think there are many doors in the Arcic, and fewer under water. Let's subsitute the
doors for blocks of ice. These will move in some way to prevent the whale access elsewhere.
To do this, we must finish the previous example.
Before you begin, we need to move the trap iceberg when the whale approaches or leaves it.
The icebergs that blocked the way will remain ixed in their posiions.
1. To create a new file, delete the box, and then click on File | Append to select
your library (the whale and three icebergs) for our exercise, as shown in the
following image. Rename the middle iceberg to iceberg_son , which will serve
as the trapdoor.
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