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Respawning the character
Racing games are the best example to understand why we need to create this ability. When
the car leaves the track, it automaically restores its posiion within the circuit. In simple
terms, this is possible because the length and height of the track are invisible walls. If the car
collides with the invisible walls around the road, it returns to the track. This is logical, isn't it?
Then, let the logic brick create this response to the collision.
Time for action - returning to the original position
Reopen the last exercise where we made the whale cross an arc of icebergs to reach the end
of the first level of the play. Remove all of the icebergs to make it easier to understand and
work on this exercise. We will only allow the whale and the plane to be displayed. When the
player touches the plane, the whale returns to its iniial posiion.
Go to File , and click on Append . Add a new iceberg:
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