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The most exciing part when creaing a game is when your brother, or perhaps
a friend, is able to move the character in your game through the enire stage.
However, this interacivity is not complete if the character does not respond to
certain automaic responses, called collisions.
Collisions are the most important part of our character's interacion with the
universe in which it moves. This collision between the character and everything
around it is important in the Blender Game Engine ( BGE ). There are Staic
collisions that set up by default, but if you need a response from the object
and not from the character, you must use a type of collision called Dynamic
physics , in BGE. We have a virtual world where we cannot move through walls,
mountains, and objects (such as blocks, doors, and in our case, the icebergs).
It is logical that any wall will stop the adventure of our character, which will
need to change the direcion if it needs to move on. But there comes a ime in
the game when we need to move those blocks, slide them, or if relevant, make
them vanish. Anyone who has played video games knows what I mean.
We are going to explain some of the most common responses of these types of collisions,
which are listed as follows:
Respawning the character
Creaing trap doors
Natural moion: rolling rocks
Creaing looped acions
So, let's get on with each theme.
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