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Have a go hero - changing the end point
If you want to explore the result of different collisions, test the example game that we have
created by changing the collision sensor to Near or Radar . You need a sensor to determine
how close the object is to reaching the end. Change of scene is easy if you create a new
scene irst. Try the other opions, such as restaring the scene or level, because we currently
do not have a second level. This opion brings us closer to the process of changing levels so
the screen does not stay blank.
We have learned much in this chapter, as we had an enire level to pracice. Now, we will only
reine what we created, and we are not even halfway through the topic, remember that!
Improving the game is what will take you more ime. Be paient, and rebuild what we've
learned here, if you wish to do so.
Specifically, we have covered:
Creaing an environment : Creaing an enire level lets us know how and where
to put of all our objects, how to interact with our players, and especially how to
resize the environment.
Making a view : Glops! We made the level map before we made a first-person view!
So, we have prepared the point of view for seeing the map in Chapter 5 !
Start point : Making a good start is worth the efort, right? Someimes the simplest
things are beter than the details. If we do not neglect good presentaion, you can
bet it will be maintained throughout the game.
End point : Make a inal soter than iniially thought. Every level needs to be
impressive, but someimes, not all of them need to explode in the air. A spectacular
environment seing also gives good results, although here the logisics plays an
important role, as you know.
Since we have learned how to use the change of level or end of a game level, we are
prepared to modify the player in any of these possibiliies. We know how to restart the
game, how to reset the player, and how to transfer keys. Do you want to animate the sea in
which the whale swims? All of this and more is explained in the next chapter. So, have a cup
of tea or a cofee, and coninue with the exciing next chapter!
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