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What just happened?
We have made a substanial improvement, which is quite important at our level of play.
By just puing a camera much closer to the player we have deined the ield of view for
our player, and we have created some intrigue in the maze. Where do you move if you
cannot see the maze completely?
With a new camera, we have created the sensor called Always in the logic brick editor,
which is constantly connected to our object that follows the whale by the actuators called
Track to .
Have a go hero - creating the real map view
Hey, wait! We have the ability to have a minimap overlay on top of the game view by reusing
the actual full map view. I wish to see a map, but I don't see it. I just see a simple view.
In Chapter 5 , Gameplay , we will explain the overlays. The important thing is to have the map
view. Do you want a hero? Make a closer map view to zoom in, and the user will have two
maps to choose from.
But if you really want to improve this proposal, why don't you try a first-person camera, a
camera that is above the head of your character, and maybe give him a point of view more
efecive than the one shown here. Why not try other camera anchors that are bound to ind
one that is beter.
Defining the boundaries
We think we have covered a lot. We said we had the full level, but it is not quite true. We sill
have two dilemmas ahead: staring and inishing the game. Take a moment to see how the
beginning of the game is to be created.
We have assumed that the player will begin to go forward, but we have also said it was
important to cover all possibiliies. What if the player decides to go back just to start?
We will also cover that possibility. Are you one of those players who prefer to explore the
environment before they start playing the game? Ahem! No comments about it except that
we have a problem now—not you, dear reader, but the potenial opions. We should cover
any possible way out. We must force the whale to go forward, and it should have no other
choice but to go in a paricular direcion.
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