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What just happened?
From this exercise we learned to design and redesign our level of play, so the player has a
specific route. Our ideas evolved as we tried the game, and we saw that we may need to
move certain objects so the player can move easily. This task of reposiioning our player
environment gave us our first glimpse of how each thing will inevitably be remodeled as
we put it into our game. Thanks to BGE, this veriicaion process is immediate.
We have created the start of the game, and we have placed our obstacles so our player
moves as if he were inside a maze. Measuring the exact posiion of each object is what takes
longer. Once you relocate and test everything again, you could have an accurate idea of how
the level is going.
Pop quiz - blocking out a level environment
1. It is very easy to assume that everyone thinks like you, but the game needs to have
other opions according to diferent people's requirements. If you want to create a
double-jump moion, which local axis must you change?
a. X
b. Y
c. Z
2. Which brick will you choose if you want to limit the water's surface as if it were up
to where you can get your character?
a. Sensor
b. Controller
c. Actuator
3. Which key do you need to make a whale jump?
a. The J key
b. The Space bar
c. It doesn't mater
Have a go hero - doing it better
Would it not be beter if the whale dives minimally rotated, as if it has bowed its head and
thus improve the movement of the player?
How about trying to modify the necessary connecions in the logic bricks for the whale and
its tail, so it can resurface almost verically?
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