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5. We need the icebergs with a relaive size scale in front of our whale. Scale the iceberg,
making a cool muzzle, which would look similar to the next image. Select the object
and press the S key to determine how big or small you want it to be. After the S key is
pressed, you can press another key (for the Y- or Z-axis) to determine which axis you
want to increase or decrease the dimensions of your object.
Don't just try the S key to scale the iceberg, also try the R key to rotate the iceberg.
This displays another, different angle of the iceberg!
6. Once relocated, the icebergs should be posiioned as shown to you in the following
screenshot. Let's go to Logic Editor to edit the logic bricks and move our whale, like
how we moved the cube in Chapter 1 , Things You Need to Know .
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