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The First Level
If we coninue with our example of an adventure in the Arcic, we could imagine
a whale moving through a maze of icebergs. Your first level of play might be
to find a way out for your whale. To do this, we put the whale at the beginning
of our level, placing blocks of ice here and there. Finally, you need to know the
way out of the first level that will take us to the next level.
To create a level for the player, we must know where to place the obstacles.
Since this is a irst level, with not much diiculty on batles and acions, we'll
use it as tutorial-like level to get used to the game keys. Have you ever thought
why almost all games begin the same way? It is almost a requirement, as in
real life, that when you get to a new place you need to adapt yourself. You need
to acclimaize, and I do not mean to just the cold made in the Arcic region.
Without realizing this, you have created a world, a quiet journey through
the Arcic, but it sill requires some light and other objects that recreate the
atmosphere which characterizes this kind of level, with lots of litle lights
and textures.
For our whale, we will not put a sandy beach (for now). It will be a pack with
some objects, such as the ice, a splendid sky, a solar light that illuminates
everything, and water.
In this chapter we will learn how to:
Block out a level environment
Create a player view
Define the boundaries
Construct the end-level zone
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