Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
This chapter has provided us with resources for our game models. We learned that:
The Internet is a great library of resources, but you do not always find what you're
looking for. Several pages of models may give us some ideas to build our own object.
If we have completed the library for our game objects, we are now ready
to import it to the level that we are creaing. We can begin to put more objects
in our virtual world.
With logic bricks, we can make the level of the game more interacive, encouraging
only certain elements with the navigaion mesh.
Well, it's ime to create an enire irst level for the game. We need to not only have our level
map very clear, but also need to know where the player begins and ends the level. In the
next chapter, we will look for ways to improve the quality level of the environment, to make
it look fantasic in the game.
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