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As you have seen, it is very easy to give behaviors to the objects. One must know that
sensors, controllers, and actuators must be used for this purpose.
We know how our enemy, the boat, moves without needing to press the keys on our
keyboard. The boat stops when the navigaion mesh ends.
Pop quiz - creating a meeting point
1. To ind the path of our enemy, which of the following opions must we acivate?
a. Facing
b. Self-terminated
c. Visualize
2. The sensor must be acivated when we select Always with which of the following?
a. The whale
b. The ship
c. The plane
3. The navigaion mesh opion only works on:
a. An object
b. All objects
c. A previous group of objects
Have a go hero - more interactivity
If you have discovered how to ill the level of potenial enemies, and know how they can
move, try to make some changes to your player. For example, add one key for diving and
passing under the boat or iceberg.
It depends on your imaginaion, and it will require a lot of atempts for this level of the
game to be made more atracive.
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