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all of the original files in your folders libraries will be updated with iceberg-modifying
sources. Learn your opions and you will save a lot of ime.
Try to move and reposiion objects so that your player and the enemy can touch. However,
you should reposiion the objects again, if the batle overlaps the icebergs. With a few lines
in the following secion, we will see how the enemy moves, so be prepared!
Creating a meeting point
We can try to move the ship around the whale, without ever having them collide with each
other (for now). It is as if the enemy is waiing for the right ime, and at the moment is only
hovering near our player, waiing for one false move. So, let's create a loop of moion for
our boat.
Time for action - making the enemy follow a path
Use a plane to build a navigaion mesh, where the boat does seem to surround the whale.
Choose Add | Mesh | Plane , and click on Top 3Dview editor . Press S to scale
the plane:
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