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2. Work from the top, 3D view and select the enemy (ship). Scale it and move
it as you like.
What just happened?
We have placed the player, objects, and enemy in the top view, to give us a beter
understanding of the posiion of each element in the level we are preparing.
We use the Append opion to import objects from the library. It allows us greater error
correcion if we want to modify any object at any moment.
If you use the Linked opion, you cannot edit the object since all you have is a link to it. You
cannot add to it or change it, because its source is in another file that is not open. However,
you can modify the source, which will reflect in the linked blend files. This works very well for
objects we want to share, which are not unique throughout the game.
Pop quiz - Involving enemies in the game
1. For a complete library, we need to:
a. Create a single folder
b. Have several separate folders
c. Sort objects in muliple folders
2. What extension should have the files for a clean library?
a. .dae
b. .obj
c. .blend
3. To share objects, which files must we work with?
a. Insert
b. Append
c. Link
Have a go hero - reshaping the level
You already have a lot of informaion, which is required, to know what objects you need for
each level of the game, and how you should apply them in your first level. In any case, we
did not miss much emphasis on the measurements of each object, and as an example, our
icebergs can be of many shapes and sizes. By changing its scale and rotaion, you are bound
to ind plenty of possibiliies with a single object. Remember that if you use the Link opion,
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