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Remember that it is not necessary to find the exact model you need. Maybe some models
closely resemble the model that you need. Perhaps, with simple modiicaions, your
character can be ready. In the next paragraph, we will learn how to create a new model,
but the tools we will use will be the same, as if you used a model from your own library.
Involving enemies in the game
Let's start with our favorite game engine and put some objects on stage from our library.
We can start by placing our whale, some icebergs here and there, and of course our main
enemy: the fishing boat.
Time for action - appending the enemy
It is recommended that you create a folder called library , and create subfolders under
it, as your library grows. For example, under the enemy folder, you might want to create
folders for animals, ships, food, and so on. If you have a good library with .blend files that
has really neat objects used in it, then you can, from your current .blend file, link all of the
objects into your current .blend file (level 01).
Choose File | Append and select the ship file. Press Link Append File by
right-clicking on the Library buton. The results will look like the following:
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