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7. Open Blender and press the X key to delete the cube. Choose File | import | Collada
(.dae) , and select killerwhale.dae from your specific folder, if you previously
exported it to the collada file. Repeat the steps we performed for the ship.
If you prefer other formats, Blender can read 3Ds and obj files too. To see
all formats, choose File | User Preferences , press on the Addons tab, and
select the Import / Export buton on the let menu.
What just happened?
Geing 3D models with other types of extensions requires us to reset them and clean them
so we can use them as Blend files. For this, we will import the model as explained previously.
We have reduced the model, focused its axis, and taken everything that is not relevant for
our model.
Pop quiz - importing other files into Blender
1. To add a 3D object library I need to:
a. Open the file
b. Import the file
c. Export the file
2. To save a 3D object I need to:
a. Close the program
b. Close the original file
c. Save the file
3. To clean the object, we must scale the model and set the axis in the:
a. Geometry to origin
b. Origin to geometry
c. Origin to the 3D cursor
Have a go hero - growing the library
When you have a good library, try to import all models to the 3D view, and move and anchor
each object on the scene. You will get a first impression of what your game looks like without
any moving objects.
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