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Importing other files into Blender
Before the imported mesh can be used, some scene and mesh prepping in Blender is usually
required. It basically cleans up the model imported in Blender.
Google SketchUp is another free, 3D sotware opion. You can build models from scratch,
and you can upload or download what you need, as you have seen. People all over the world
share what they've made on the Google 3D Warehouse. It's our ime to do the same.
Download the pr ogram from and install it. You can uninstall it
later. Open the boat file in SketchUp, click on Save as , and export the 3D model using the
COLLADA format.
The *.dae Collada format is a common, cross-plaform ile, which can be imported
directly into Blender.
Time for action - cleaning up the model in Blender
Open Blender and delete the cube using the X key and press the OK buton in the pop-up
menu. Go to File | Import | Collada (.dae) as seen in the following screenshot:
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