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Click on the Download model buton:
7. Save the file on your hard disk, in a folder of your game.
What just happened?
We have searched the Internet for 3D models, which will allow us to start a library for our
game objects in Blender. Whether they are .blend files (original blender format) or of a
3D-model format, you can import them and work with them.
Don't download models that you will not use. The libraries on the Internet grow every
day, and we don't need to save all of the models that we like. Remember that before
downloading the model and using it, we need to check if it has a free license.
If you are releasing your project under some other free and/or open source
license, then there could be licensing conflicts depending on what license the
art is released under. It is your responsibility to verify the compaibility of the
art license with the license you are using.
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