Game Development Reference
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Your Characters
You have seen that Blender's 3D game engine can be used to make and play
computer games. In this chapter, I will explain how to go about designing
your game and how to use Blender to get your model game characters, or 3D
environments, to create casual video games.
If you're not good at making models, once you have tested how the character
moves in the Blender engine, you can always download the model from the
Internet and improve it later.
In this chapter we shall:
Learn how to create a library
Involve enemies in the game
Create a meeing point for the enemy and player
So let's get on with every single thing you want in the game; for example, storylines or levels
of quests, characters, enemies, environments, interface designs, and so on.
So if you have your list of items and objects, it is ime to decide how to get them.
An example - save the whale!
We've got a basic idea of what characters are. Now, it's ime sketch our character. If you're
not good at drawing characters, try downloading them from the Internet.
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