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Pop Quiz - exploring the interface of the Logic Editor
1. If you want to create a jump moion, which local axis must you change?
a. x
b. y
c. z
2. Which opion do you choose if you want to go in the opposite direcion of the x axis
while rolling?
a. Subtract the X value
b. Add a value less than X
c. Change the Y value
3. Which cell modiies the values of rotaion?
a. Loc X, Y, Z
b. Loc in X or Y or Z
c. Rot X, Y, Z
d. Rot in X or Y or Z
Certainly, you do not need the answers. It is so easy to watch the result instantaneously
that it is much beter for you to prove all your answers and change if the result does not
saisfy you.
Have a go hero - doing more
You know how easy it is to change the values of our cube. If the rotaion is slower than you
like, change it! And find the best result for you.
If the screenplay is empty and you need another object for reference, just add other cubes
in the same scene. Select Add | Mesh and choose Cube , scale it by pressing S and move
it around in your scene. Repeat this twice and try to move your cube characters without
touching them. This is a good pracice to see how you play games with the keyboard.
Point of acive view
We did not discuss the view that we used in this chapter. In the games, we
normally have various cameras. We will learn how to change this in Chapter
5 , Gameplay . For the moment, the acive camera is the acive view in our 3D
View . For beter understanding of how to move the cube, the top view is the
acive view of this game exercise.
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