Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
9. For staring the Game Engine, press P . You will be able to move your cube around as
shown in the following screenshot:
We can move our cube around the screen. That's fantasic!
What just happened?
We managed to easily and intuiively work with Logic Editor. We created an interacion with
our character by adding the following:
Sensors to recognize the keyboard
Basic controllers to link the actuators to the sensors
Actuators that will move the cube, by following the inputs from the keyboard added
as sensors
As you have seen, many operaions with logic bricks are repeated. But in the end, we change
a numeric value of the actuator, which facilitates the learning by repeiion so that it's not
difficult to understand how the other bricks work.
We learned how to move our cube in the 3D scene by connecing logic bricks. It is as easy
as giving orders by using the keyboard. You could increase the mobility opions if you have
more butons to press.
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