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Add three more Actuators by clicking on Add Actuator and selecing Moion .
Change the value in each cell as shown in the next screenshot. In this case, the left
key is assigned -0.20 in x axis and the up/down keys are used for the rotaion of
our cube, the value of the up key is 0.20 in the Rot Z axis and -0.20 for the down
key in Rot Z .
Of course, we need to rename all our acive Actuators , similar to how we
had renamed our Sensors (as shown in Step 5). Spend a litle ime renaming
them to, for example: Move Right, Move Left; Rotate Right and Rotate Left.
At the end of this exercise, our cube should move while we press the key correctly.
But wait! The last step is to connect all of the bricks together.
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