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Of course, the cube has got only one interacive key, and will go ahead if we push the
Right arrow key in the keyboard. However, this just introduces us to the fundamentals
of the Blender Game Engine. You just need to try, test, and modify it. It is easy, isn't it?
Hey! We are finally programming video games! In some aspects, this is similar to being
a computer programmer.
By adding more logic, we are ready to coninue making a game. But irst, let us try to inish
an enire movement of our cube so that you can move freely in our private 3D scene.
Time for action - moving the cube
To add more movement to the cube, perform the following steps:
1. Press the Ctrl + Up arrow key to work with the maximized area of the Logic Editor
panel. We will be using three more keyboard sensors, let's start creaing them.
2. We have a D or Right arrow key connected. Let's do the rest. Add a new sensor
called Keyboard again and press the Let arrow key in the blank cell as shown
in the following screenshot:
3. Add a new Keyboard sensor again and press the Up arrow key as shown in the
following screenshot:
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