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Exploring the interface of the Logic Editor
Alas! There are so many panels and everything seems so confusing. Do not worry, my first
impression was the same. However, by the end of this chapter, you will be familiar with most
of the on screen elements. When you create a game with Blender, you do not work with only
one editor type. But without Logic Editor , it is not possible to make a game.
Knowing the interface of the Game Logic view offers insight into how the Logic Editor works
and prepares us to make complex connecions in our game truly interacive.
The Game Logic layout is divided into areas by default, each of which has a paricular
funcion or purpose, depending on what the user is doing at that ime. There are Header
areas in each display editor type. Using these headers (pointed out by the arrows in the
next screenshot) we can swap between diferent editor views. We will focus on the botom
display called Logic Editor (botom let header).
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