Game Development Reference
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We can change the default view and choose the Game Logic view. To do this, go to the top
menu bar and click on the icon next to Default . The drop-down menu will show several
preset views, as shown in the next screenshot. We can choose the one that interests us,
which right now, is the Game Logic view.
What just happened?
Blender's flexibility with windows lets you create screen layouts for different tasks, such as
Animaion , Composiing , Default , Game Logic , Scriping , UV Ediing and Video Ediing . It is
often useful to be able to quickly switch between different environments within the same
file. For each task, you need to set the stage. In this example, we selected the Game Logic
view for our main purpose of making games.
Use the window controls to move frame borders. When you have a layout that you like, and
wish to use it as your favorite layout, click on the + buton to save the layout as a new preset
layout template. Obviously, if you want to delete it, click on the X buton.
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