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Python is essenial to make beter presentaions with the characters, animaions, and
the rest of the game, but it is not necessary that you use it. Someone can help you in the
parts where you do not know enough. The only thing you need to know is how you use
logic bricks. Later, you will improve on the rest. Blender's popularity and faithful following
has been growing rapidly since its first release in 1998. This has led to a large number of
individually-run websites focused on Blender. Go to the oicial Blender site to see a selecion
of the websites dedicated towards helping the community.
Time for action - start using the BGE
Let us start and open the Blender program. Closing the splash screen then reveals Blender's
default scene that is composed of a main view surrounded by other panels. The main area
in the center of the screen is the 3D View, as shown in the following screenshot. By default,
this contains a cube as I had menioned earlier in the chapter.
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